VR Experiences For the HTC VIVE

With VR games taking the virtual reality world by storm, it’s truly amazing to see how a lot of these “games” aren’t games at all, but creative and immersive VR experiences that aim to take users on for a psychedelic ride.

This is what it means to be a VR developer these days. We’re still in the novelty stage of it all and the fact that a lot of developers are cranking out VR experiences to shock and amaze instead of endless shooter games is an interesting afterthought. Case in point, I “played” a legitimately horrifying VR experience called “Abe VR”  where I found myself in a dark basement room with mutilated bodies scattered everywhere. Then, a sleek-looking robot shows up and starts talking to me in a British accent. The robot tells me he’s been obsessed with finding its lost sense of humanity and then it dawns on me that he’s been digging for it in the strewn body parts of his masters. There’s no clear objective to these games, and there’s no scoreboard so why call them games. No, they’re VR experiences.

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Fun Casual VR Games for the HTC VIVE!

If you’re the owner of an HTC VIVE or any other high-end virtual reality gaming device, consider yourself one of the lucky ones who have ascended into that rarefied air of amazingly immersive VR gaming! As VR games catch on, developers are making games for all sorts of gaming genres – the casual genre being one of the most popular.

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Room-Scale VR: VIVE Vs. Oculus

The HTC VIVE had enjoyed a considerable leg-up over the Oculus at launch by providing a truly immersive and premium room-scale mode. Nothing int he world of VR had made us feel like we were in a real-life holodeck like the VIVE.

In late 2016 however, Oculus provided their own version of room-scale with 360 degree tracking but does it hold up to the VIVE? Let’s find out!

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Oculus Touch and HTC VIVE Controllers Comparison Review

Right now, a virtual reality battle is being waged between high-end VR companies, HTC VIVE and the Oculus Rift. Both platforms came out at the same time, but only the HTC VIVE had dedicated tracking controllers while the Oculus Rift only had a traditional XBOX controller for users to play around with.

As a result, HTC VIVE had a head start of about a year as Oculus Rift kept busy designing their own dynamic virtual reality controllers. Well, the wait is now over. Oculus Rift has finally released their “Touch” controllers and I’ll be reviewing the pros and cons of each platform’s offerings.

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